Married to Jonas (E!) Rated TV-14

A reality show that focuses on Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle. Starring Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas

I actually liked this reality show. I’m not much into them but this one I enjoyed. I felt it was a nice window into the “newlyweds” life. Although, at times the show seemed staged but what reality show isn’t. I think it’ll take time for the production and the Jonas’ to feel out the show and what the audience will pick up. It takes time to relax and get in the groove. As Kevin says he’s been doing it for years, Danielle’s just getting comfortable with cameras.

What they have going for them is the reminiscent of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s reality show. Which I think they had fun with–bacon/pork. It’s so refreshing to see someone not used to the cameras handling it with such grace. It’s a show to watch.

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