Buried (2010) Rated R

Paul Conroy works in Iraq and one day on the job, he gets attacked and kidnapped. He wakes up in coffin Buried alive. Starring Ryan Reynolds, José Luis García Pérez, Robert Paterson, Samantha Mathis

This film is interesting in the fact that we get to watch Ryan Reynolds locked in a box for 95 mins. If you think that’s boring, not really. I would say Reynolds acted great but who wouldn’t if that was their set everyday. I would be panicking, scared and frustrated to the point that Reynolds was. I don’t think was a top film but it was interesting. Interesting to watch as he tries to get out. Some decisions that he makes I wouldn’t make and others made me think would I think of that, if I was buried in a box. It definitely makes me hope that I’m never buried alive in Iraq.

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