The Snowtown Murders (2011) Rated NR

Based on true events, a sixteen-year-old boy falls into the wrong crowd, where a spree of murder and torture begins. The crowd happens to belong to his mother’s boyfriend. Starring Lucas Pittaway, Bob Adriaens, and Louise Harris.

You would think this film would be great, with its cinematic praise, and with it being based on a true story, you would think they would be able to tell the story. Alas, the film is chaotic and confusing and makes you wonder how Jamie fell into the friendship and murder involving John Bunting. This film is not for the faint of heart. There is no warning that what you see is the brutality of rape and murder. The torture the killers put these people through is shown on-screen. Its rating is Not Rated, but it should be rated at least an R or NC-17. The violence of the film is mixed with boring snippets of the characters eating, and then it’s back to violence. It’s almost as if the filmmakers were also addicted to violence. They wanted to shock us, but the story is already shocking; we don’t need it thrust down our throat. This film isn’t worth the watch.

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