Love’s Christmas Journey (2011) Rated NR

Love's christmas journeyEllie King, the daughter of Clark and Marty Davis, mourns the loss of her husband and daughter goes to visit her brother and his children for Christmas. Starring Natalie Hall,   JoBeth Williams, Greg Vaughan, Sean Astin, Ernest Borgnine

The latest in the Love Comes Softly series and the films keep going down hill, both artistically and by not following the books. Though, I love the story  and the cleanness of the movie, the acting was horrible. Natalie Hall looked uncomfortable in her role. I get she was mourning the lost of her family but there was no life in her and couldn’t even see if she was falling in love or not. The story on top of that lacked any love between any character. I didn’t see any love grow between all the characters falling in love. It’s like one day they were friends the next in love with nothing showing the transformation. Love’s Christmas Journey is one of the worst Love Comes Softly movies.

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