Blue Valley Songbird (1999) Rated NR

Blue valley songbirdA country singer with an overbearing manager/boyfriend tries to escape him and her past on her way to stardom. Starring Dolly Parton, John Terry, Billy Dean

This was a made for TV movie and it shows. The story is based on the song, Blue Valley Songbird by Dolly Parton. The script wasn’t bad but the acting was. I thought the story and how it flowed really worked. I will say one thing, this film was shown first on Lifetime and it isn’t a family film. It’s sex, drugs, and country music. If you are a Dolly Parton fan this film is a can’t miss or if you are a fan of country music it’s a can’t miss. If you aren’t then you might want to miss this film as it’ll be mundane.


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