Phantom (2013) Rated R

PhantomDuring the height of the Cold War, a nuclear Soviet Submarine goes missing. On board is a battle tested captain and a rogue KGB agent. Unbeknownst to the world the battle to stop WWIII is underway. Based on the story of Russian’s missing K-129 Submarine. Starring Ed Harris, David Duchovny, William Fichtner, Johnathon Schaech, Sean Patrick Flanery

The film is enjoyable. I had two major problems with this movie. One – it’s a Russian sub and no one on board speaks or has an accent in Russian. Two – the only fact in this story is the missing sub that has never been found. Everything that happened on that Sub is between the men who died and God. There is nothing of proof that what this story is about actually happened. The Russian’s might know but I don’t think they’ll tell. I’m not even sure if the United States would know. This is besides the point with this film. It’s entertaining, to say the least. The cat and mouse game they play is fun to watch and the actors, besides not learning a Russian accent are good. I would watch if you enjoy fictional history.

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