My Santa (2013) Rated NR

My SantaA young mother has lost faith in Christmas until she meets a young man who plays Santa. As the season unfolds she begins to believe in Christmas again. Unbeknownst to her the “Santa” is the son of the real Santa and is looking for a bride. Starring Samaire Armstrong, Matthew Lawrence, Julie Brown

This film is another charming movie on TV this season. It doesn’t have the usually Christmas sentimentality. It does, however, have the sweetness of Christmas. ION television seems to be following suit with Hallmark and making really good Christmas films. My favorite ones seem to be from them this year. This one isn’t one of my favorites but I had no complaints with it. I really thought the story was plan out good and the actors handled their characters with care. It definitely is a film to curl up with on a winter’s night.


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1 Response to My Santa (2013) Rated NR

  1. Jason Brown says:

    I loved the movie and so did my family! It might not have been your typical Christmas movie, but still it was really cute and heartwarming none the less. Wish the ending could have been more expounded on, but overall was really good!
    Wish and hope they would make a “My Santa 2”, and build upon the story, maybe a year later or more and create more ‘magic’. Turn the existing story line into a true Christmas movie.

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