All I Want For Christmas (2013) Rated TV-PG

All I want for christmasA woman who doesn’t listen gets a gift from Santa’s elf that lets her hear other people’s thoughts. Starring Melissa Sagemiller, Brad Rowe, Tom Arnold

This has to be the worst movie of the season. This movie is beyond cheesy. I thought it had a cool concept but it reminded me of the movie, What Women Want, and I have to say that movie was better. All I Want For Christmas was all around back acting, script, and plot. The only good thing I took from it was that I couldn’t figure out which guy she would end up with. You can take that as good, by thinking it’s good writing or you can take as bad writing because they are confusing you with who likes who. I wouldn’t say this film is a waste of time but I would rather have had it made better.


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