The Horses of McBride (2012) Rated NR

horses of mcbrideTwo horses get stranded high in the Rocky Mountains. A girl and her father with the help of the town decide to help them. Based on a true story. Starring Aidan Quinn, MacKenzie Porter, Kari Matchett

This film is such a heartwarming family film about a family who discovers a pair of horses stuck up in the mountains. They work hard and soon the town gets involved. Aidan Quinn, one of my favorites, played the father and performed the role flawlessly. Since this is based on a true story of a couple of horses abandon on the mountain, the filmmakers cover that story well. It’s the side stories that aren’t necessarily part of the true story. I did enjoy the side story of the vegetarians vs. the meat-eaters and I do believe the filmmakers were poking fun of the two sides. This film is a family film that can not be missed. It’s enjoyable the whole time through and don’t forget the Kleenex’s.


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