A Ring By Spring (2014) Rated TV-G

a ring by springA woman who has never given marriage a second thought meets a fortune-teller, who tells her she’ll have a ring by spring. Starring Rachel Boston, Kirby Morrow, Jesse Moss

This was a cute but usual fare for a Hallmark movie. I didn’t mind the familiar back and forth the main character, Caryn Briggs, goes through but I would have really enjoyed her not so sure of her feelings for Tom Halsey her new boss. If they had let those two try to figure out how they feel with a threesome by Bryce, Caryn’s on and off again boyfriend. It would have intrigued. Alas, they did not and the ending for me was lackluster. Caryn and Tom’s mouthing across the room made no sense. Thus, when they get together with no earlier feelings on her part made even less sense. As I said this is a cute classic Hallmark film and worth watching on cold winter’s night.


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