Love Is All You Need (2012) Rated R

Love is All you needA hairdresser battling Cancer finds her husband is having an affair on the eve of their daughter’s wedding. Starring Trine Dyrholm, Stina Ekblad, Sebastian Jessen, Pierce Brosnan

I loved this film, I absolutely adored it. It’s not perfect but just watching this woman who seems to lose what she thought was all she needs to finding what she needs is so beautiful. The characters all have dimensions that are deep and resonating. They seem like real people going through real issues. As I said this isn’t perfect, it’s predictable and sentimental but what a joy to see Ida, the hairdresser, continue to wake with a smile even through we all know how hard that must have been, let alone be able to find what she wants out of life. It’s such a sweet film but not sugary sweet. Please check this little film out. It’s a must see.



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