Closed Circuit (2013) Rated R

Closed CircuitA high-profile terrorism case brings together two former lovers in British court system. Testing their loyalties and putting their lives in jeopardy. Starring Kate Lock, Katherine Press, Patrick Warner, Jim Broadbent, Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Ciarán Hinds

I thought this film had a great plot line. Together former lovers in the British court system are unable to talk  and  the terrorism becomes much more than a cut and dry case. Thus, making the film have one big problem. The plot leaves so many questions not answered or not fully answered if they are. It’s an action packed thriller that puts these two former lovers on the run to protect the innocent and expose the corrupt. Due to the action story we don’t get to see the two lovers feeling anything for each other than survival. Thus making me think why do they need to be ex lovers couldn’t they be friends. I know they needed to be more than acquaintances to set up the non communication between lawyers. Still I don’t think they need to be ex lovers to help the story along especially since there was no chemistry between the two actors. So, I would say watch this film if you interested in the British court system and for a great thriller.


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