Destined to Ride (2018) Rated G

Lily’s life is turned upside down when she has to spend the summer at her Aunt’s ranch. Starring Denise Richards, Madeline Carroll, and Joey Lawrence.

This is a great family film. I rather enjoyed the film even though the story is one that has been told before. Lily’s mother passed away when she was young, and she doesn’t remember her very well. There isn’t really a strong story here. The film is basically Lily learning how to ride and learning more about her mother. The film doesn’t show how the daughter/father relationship was healed. The story is plain, but it’s clean. I even enjoyed that the daughter never really rebelled against her father and that her friends never made snide remarks about Lily’s life. I also really liked that there wasn’t a typical teen romance in the story. This is a family film that’s worth a watch.

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