Nativity! (2009) Rated PG

nativityA comedy where a teacher, who has given up on Christmas is chosen to do the school nativity play. That isn’t the only challenge for the teacher, he was also given a new teaching assistant, who hasn’t really grown up yet. Starring Martin Freeman, Marc Wootton, Jason Watkins

This movie was filmed on an improvised script. The actors were told what would happen in the scene and then they improvised. This was perfect for Martin Freeman, who I have to say was amazing in it, as well as Marc Wootton, who played the idiot assistant teacher. This, was all the more astounding in the fact that most of the cast are children. Of course there are scenes where the suspension of disbelief is counted on, and obviously, I did. This movie was enjoyable and funny. It’s not a big budgeted film or critically the best but it made me laugh and smile. It’s a joy to watch. It’s a great film for family’s and it’s a must watch.



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