Northpole (2014) Rated G

NorthpoleNorthpole the home of Santa and Mrs. Claus is in trouble. The city is powered by the holiday magic and this year it’s in trouble. Too many people are busy with the holiday season to enjoy the festive time. Can a young elf and a human boy save the Northpole? Starring Tiffani Thiessen, Josh Hopkins, Bailee Madison, Max Charles

On the surface this is a cute Hallmark movie, but I was not impressed with level of suspension of disbelief in this film. I know, it starts with Santa and the Northpole, so where can they go from there. I struggled with the thought that a child elf is sent on this mission not just sent but determined to fix this big issue. Not an adult elf, but a child elf. Then you have the human boy, who must remind his mother of the holiday magic and this is in a typical holiday film. And then there’s the boy’s teacher, who seems to always show up with a not so good excuse and wants to help. Maybe there is an attraction between the mom and the teacher but I’m not sure. The mom seems to busy in her work which is questioning why the town’s tree lighting has been cancelled this year but doesn’t seem to question the right people and mostly comes to her own conclusion about why it was cancelled. To top all this off, the children, figure that, even as the world is responsible for the Northpole’s problem, this one small town needs the tree lighting to make sure that the Northpole is powered. That to me, is a little over the top. Really?!? That’s all it would take, and I’m sorry about this spoiler but the tree lighting was probably going to happen anyway because of the poor investigating skills of the mother. Anywhoo, with all that it is a cute Hallmark movie and it was enjoyable to watch this season, and hopefully Northpole was saved by watching this program.


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