A Christmas Kiss II (2014) Rated NR

Christmas kiss II

A kiss shared under the mistletoe in the elevator brings a fashion designer assistant and billionaire playboy together. Starring Elisabeth Harnois, Adam Mayfield, Jonathan Bennett

This film is a cute Christmas movie. I missed the first Christmas Kiss, so I can’t compare the two movies but this movie had surprising depth to it. It’s not as sugary sweet as romantic Christmas movies seem to become. They are getting to the point that there is no bite to the story. This film had bite. Both main characters had depth and their lives are not as sugary sweet and perfect. They have issues and their families are not perfect. I loved that. The only yellow flag that I noticed was the best friend. I almost wanted her to end up with her best friend, who happen to be a gorgeous guy and who became single within the first five minutes of the film. I know it’s too Clichy to have a girl pal that is catty and chatty or have the gay best friend but I don’t know if I really liked the best friend being single throughout the film. Although, that is the most realistic I have seen in a Christmas movie. Don’t let my little bother stop you from watching this film it is good enough to watch.


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