Whitney (2015) Rated TV-14


Chronicles Whitney Houston’s fame and her relationship with Bobby Brown. Starring Yaya DaCosta, Arlen Escarpeta, Yolonda Ross

This film is a poor representative of who Whitney was. I didn’t know her but this just didn’t do her life justice. We see Whitney falling apart not the catalyst for the down fall. I know that isn’t something we should hope to see on-screen but they miss the button on that. They also made her a whiny and helpless woman who had no legs to stand on. If Whitney was that type of woman than shouldn’t they have shown her in the beginning as not a strong woman. Which they started her off like that, than there was nothing that was told or shown to start the down ward spiral. It’s almost like they didn’t want to tackle the facts of Whitney. It’s, as if they wanted to show Whitney in the best light possible and not in the real light of day. I know I’m speaking as a fan and not someone who loved and respected her. Even with that, I believe the family didn’t ok this film and it shows why.  This film lacks in getting under the glamour life of Whitney and just shows what was reported. It’s a miss.


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