The Other Guys (2010) Rated PG-13

other guys

Two cops which are mismatched come together to step up and become the city’s top cops. Starring Will Ferrell, Derek Jeter, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson

Wow, and not the good wow. The film has some funny bits. The contradiction between the two characters cause most of the hilarity. Singularly the characters are annoying. Mark Wahlberg’s character’s  constant yelling makes me want to plug my ears. That in itself is annoying especially when it was every five minutes. Then there is the story about the top cops didn’t need to be there. They could have made a little synopsis about their being top cops to start the story off, not a 10 minute storyline. It felt out-of-place and over the top for the story the filmmakers wanted to tell which is “The other guys” in the police department. This film is miss for me.


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