The Slap (NBC) Rated TV-14

The SlapA family is torn apart when a family member slaps another relative’s misbehaving child. Based on the novel The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas. Starring Brian Cox, Melissa George, Lucas Hedges, Marin Ireland, Makenzie Leigh, Thandie Newton, Zachary Quinto, Thomas Sadoski, Peter Sarsgaard, Uma Thurman, Dylan Schombing, Victor Garber

I was not impressed by this series. I had hoped it would deal more directly with how to appropriately manage misbehaving children as both parents and as a community, but that is not the focus.  Instead, The Slap  chose to cover every character’s version of the event, and, in doing so, created a tangle of story lines that detracted from the central theme.

The show’s concept reminds me of the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Only, according to the parents in The Slap, if in doing so, you slap my misbehaving child, you have crossed the line.  Now, I will reject the village  to protect my child from it.  In my opinion, the discipline I received from adults other than my parents had a greater effect and long-lasting impact, and  I think I turned out okay in part because of it.

I understand where the parents in the show are coming from, but the question remains, do we still need a village to raise our child?  The show did not adequately address this and other questions.  For that reason, I pass.


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