Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy (1998) Rated NR

nothing too good for a cowboyA rancher in 1939 takes a bride, while trying to keep his ranch afloat.  Based on the book Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy and The Rancher Takes a Wife both by Richmond P. Hobson. Starring Chad Willett, Ted Atherton, Falconer Abraham, Ryan Gosling, Sarah Chalke

This was an uncommonly good made for tv movie.  The movie synopsis gives more information than what was explained through out the film. That doesn’t distract from the story but it does leave loop holes. These were probably explained in the tv show that was greenlighted after the movie. It’s got humor as well as adventure. The actors were all good, I enjoyed seeing Sarah Chalke in a role unlike anything she has done. Chad Willett and Ted Atherton as the rancher’s seemed made for the role. This film deserves a watch.

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