The Last Five Years (2014) Rated PG-13

Last five yearsA struggling actress and her novelist husband analyze the deconstruction of their marriage. Based on Jason Robert Brown’s musical by the same name. Starring Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan, Tamara Mintz

Let me begin by saying that this is a musical film, as in no speaking parts, only singing.  So, if you don’t like music or singing, you can move on now.

I, however, have been looking forward to seeing this movie.  I missed seeing the play, which I still hope I will have the opportunity to attend.  When I heard the premise of the story, I was intrigued.  The movie unfolds with Cathy reflecting on the end of her marriage to Jamie, and it ends with Jamie’s perspective at the beginning of their marriage.  The point of view changes throughout the film, with Cathy moving backward in time, and Jamie moving forward, intersecting at their wedding.  Perhaps having the first say with her opening song, Still Hurting, gives Cathy the advantage with the audience.  I found myself on her side for the duration of the film, even when I understood Jamie’s point of view.

I really enjoyed this musical film, and I will definitely be on the lookout for a chance to see the play.  This is worth a watch.



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