Pioneer Woman (1973) Rated PG

pioneer womanAfter the death of her husband, a homesteading wife must decide whether to stay and fight for her farm or take her children back East. Starring Joanna Pettet, William Shatner, David Janssen, Helen Hunt

This film is a realistic representation of the West, accurately portraying the mid to late-1800’s time period, with one glaring exception:  Joanna Pettet’s mascara!  I hate to be petty, but I could not get past the heavy eye make-up she wore: more relevant to 1970 than 1870.  If only they would have let her show the natural, pioneer woman she was playing with minimal make-up, I might have thoroughly enjoyed this film.

In other news, Pioneer Woman is Helen Hunt’s TV acting début; she plays Pettet’s daughter, a young, city girl adapting to western life. For her first show, I think she is quite good.

If you can get past the make-up, this is actually worth a watch.


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