Fairfield Road (2010) Rated PG

Fairfield RoadNoah McManus gets his dream job in Washington D.C. only to lose it- and his fiancée- after the first day. To make matters worse, he finds himself stuck in a quaint Cape Cod town. Starring Jesse Metcalfe, Natalie Lisinska, Derek McGrath

This is your typical Hallmark movie:  fluffy, predictable,  and romantic with an extra dose of sap.   Not that I mind those things, but I still didn’t particularly care for this story.  Primarily, I struggled with Noah’s ability to recover from one relationship and jump into another one within 24 hours.  I find it completely unrealistic and superficial, which I know are hallmarks of many romance movies, yet they were not effective this time.  I think it had to do with the new girl’s rude reaction to him during their first encounters that, for some unknown reason, caused Noah to fall for her.  Perhaps, if they had written those early scenes differently, her subsequent attraction to him would have seemed more plausible, but as it was, I have to give it a pass.




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