A Perfect Wedding (2015) Rated TV-G

Perfect MatchAn engaged couple who can’t agree on anything for their wedding hire a wedding planner and an event planner to help them make decisions. Starring Danica McKellar, Paul Greene, Graham Verchere

Another typical Hallmark movie, with the exception that two couples are involved.  Although the film centers around one couple’s impending nuptials, the real romance revolves around the people they hire to make the wedding day a success.  In both cases, opposites attract.

The engaged, and secondary, couple left me questioning what could have possibly drawn them together.  I couldn’t see how or why they were in love, much less why they were getting married.

The main couple, played by Danica McKellar and Paul Greene, weren’t much better.  Greene was fantastic as Adam, but McKellar acted like she hasn’t acted in years.  Sometimes, she overacted; other times, she didn’t seem to know how to act, seemingly confused about how to express the proper emotion.

In both cases, everything gets tied up neatly into a bow, with little explanation, just the expectation that we will accept they are in love, with a kiss to seal the deal.  This was not one of Hallmark’s finest efforts; it was a pass for me.


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