The Gourmet Detective (2015) Rated NR

Gourmet DetectiveThe “Gourmet Detective” helps police solve crimes in the culinary world. Based on the series of books by Peter King. Starring Dylan Neal, Brooke Burns, Matthew Kevin Anderson

This is the first in a series of TV movies for the Hallmark Movies and Mystery channel. The series is written by Dylan Neal and his wife, Becky Southwell. Neal stars as the Gourmet Detective, his trade name as a consultant in the culinary world. He’s a food connoisseur, so when things go sour in the kitchen, top chefs and restaurateurs call him for help. Neal is both charming and cute, in contrast to police detective Brooke Burns’ sassy and no-nonsense character. They play well off each other. I am interested to see where the series will take these characters.  This is worth a watch.

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