Grace of Monaco (2014) Rated UR

Grace of MonacoThe story of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III during the political dispute with France’s president Charles De Gaulle in the early 60s. Starring Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella, Paz Vega, Parker Posey, Milo Ventimiglia

Unlike the promotional spots led one to believe, this movie has very little to do with Grace Kelly’s life with Prince Rainier.  It really only skimmed the surface of her life and did not delve into the characters themselves, which I found disappointing.  In addition, I doubted the historical accuracy of this film.  To me, it seemed outlandish based on my cursory knowledge of Monaco’s royalty.  However, Nicole Kidman performed the role excellently.  She was both regal and smooth in her representation of the Princess of Monaco.  Even her performance did not suffice to win me over, though.  This movie is a pass for me.


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