Love By the Book (2014) Rated TV-G

Love By the BookA bookstore owner meets the man of her dreams while working with a consultant to try to save her store. Starring Leah Renee, Kristopher Turner, Cherilyn Wilson

Touting a comparison to Jane Austen’s Emma., this movie looked promising. However, it reminded me more of The Shop around the Corner than Austen.  The only part resembling Emma were the characters’ names with a faint nod to their corresponding personalies.  Emma is no matchmaker in this movie; she, like her mother, is bookish, flighty, and romantic, in the loosest sense of the word.  Speaking of sense, her sister Jane has only slightly more than Emma.

When Emma’s love interest appears, he actually seems more interested than she does, her head is stuck so far up in the clouds.   And, her “Prince Charming” is about as unrealistic as she is.  This movie tried to be cute, but in doing so, lost all credibility for me.  With underdeveloped, unrelatable characters, it is a pass. 

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