Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998) Rated R

billy's hollywood screen kissA gay fine arts photographer falls for a straight restaurant waiter. Starring Sean Hayes, Armando Valdes-Kennedy, Mr. Dan, Brad Rowe, Carmine Giovinazzo

This film is completely lacking in depth or purpose.  It is a simple story of unrequited love, imbued with heavy emphasis on sex and specifically homosexuality.  And yet, there is little to no character development.  Instead, the film includes bizarre montages that have no connection to the story; they are so out of place that I couldn’t help but wonder if the filmmakers were just trying to fill in the time.  The main character’s utter lack of substance and immaturity made it impossible for me to either relate to his romantic woes or sympathize with him.  He was a 20-something behaving like a preteen with his first crush.  A pointless film, this is a pass.


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