Kevin From Work (ABCFamily) Rated NR

Kevin From WorkA workplace comedy where a man announces to his crush he has feelings for her just as he takes a new job. Only, his new job falls through and he’s stuck working with his newly informed crush. Starring Noah Reid, Paige Spara, Jordan Hinson, Matt Murray, Punam Patel, Jason Rogel

I actually thought this was a very cute TV show. It is, in some ways, reminiscent of  The Office.  The humor isn’t very original or even funny necessarily, but the characters are charming and engaging. Kevin, played by Noah Reid, is the geeky nerd who has a crush on his beautiful co-worker Audrey, played by Paige Spara.  Reid does a great job of conveying the longing he has for her, and Audrey is also likable as one who now knows Kevin’s feelings but prefers to simply enjoy his friendship.  I am interested to see where their relationship goes, as they struggle with this thing called life.  This show is worth a watch.

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