Mr. Robinson (NBC) Rated NR

Mr. RobinsonA musician takes on a part-time job as a substitute teacher in an inner city school, both for the money and for the chance to make up with an old girlfriend. Starring Craig Robinson, Brandon T. Jackson, Benjamin Koldyke, Spencer Grammer, Amandla Stenberg, Peri Gilpin, Dante Brown, Ethan Josh Lee, Franchesca Maia

This show is not an original concept, but it does have some laughs. It’s predictable but pleasant, and I think it has promise, if they give it more substance.  The show just doesn’t have much to go on other than the fact that it’s a musician trying to be a substitute teacher. Seriously, if they take the show serious it might be great to watch but alas there isn’t much to watch. As it stands now,  it is not worth a watch.



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