Scream Queens (FOX) Rated TV-14

Scream QueensA college campus is traumatized when a mass murderer starts killing off members of a sorority. Starring Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Billie Lourd, Jamie Lee Curtis

This is the worst show I’ve seen yet this season. It’s a satirical show based on films like ScreamMean Girls and Scary Movie. The acting is actually quite good, though; I did find myself actually caring enough about the characters to be interested in who the killer might me as well as the next victim.  Even so, the “mean girls” persona of the sorority members got irritating: it was either too over the top or out-of-place in the scene.  Also, the humor was lost on me; I don’t think I laughed at one of their jokes, they were so annoying. This show is definitely a pass; just tell me the father is the killer so I don’t have to wonder about it anymore.



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