The Player (NBC) Rated TV-14

the player

An organization of gamblers bet on how crimes will end. A former intelligence officer “works” for them in Las Vegas. Starring Philip Winchester, Damon Gupton, Wesley Snipes, Charity Wakefield

The premise of the show is rather preposterous: a group of rich people who love to gamble develop an underground organization that monitors all cameras, phones and the internet to predict crime. The show is like Person of Interest with an illogical twist.

However, Philip Winchester is refreshing as the ex-intelligence officer “hired” as the Player. He is basically the only bright side to this show.

The plot is just as confusing as the premise. Is it supposed to play like James Bond or like a revenge story? The show does not concern itself with the victims; rather it focuses on the relationship between The Player and the criminals.  I really wanted to love this show but, alas, I cannot. It’s not worth a watch.


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