Grandfathered (FOX) Rated TV-14

GrandfatheredA bachelor discovers that he is both a father and a grandfather. Starring John Stamos, Paget Brewster, Josh Peck, Christina Milian, Ravi Patel, Kelly Jenrette, Layla Golfieri, Emelia Golfieri

This show doesn’t bring anything new to the bachelor becoming a family man concept, although John Stamos is handsome and enjoyable to watch.  I especially enjoyed his rapport with the granddaughter (who, by the way, is a twin; makes me think he’s finally past firing the Olsen twins).

Even with his performance, the show still lacks originality.  I hardly laughed at the over-done jokes.  This show needs a bit more depth to give it credibility.  For now, I say it is a pass.



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