New Mid Season TV Series Premieres 2016



Telenovela Telenovela (NBC)

Comedy that goes behind the scenes of a telenovela and its star, whose off-camera life rivals the drama of her onscreen story lines. Starring Eva Longoria, Jencarlos Canela, Diana Maria Riva.  Premieres January 4th.

Second Chance Second Chance (FOX)

A billionaire and a bioengineer bring a dead police officer back to life. Starring Robert Kazinsky, Adhir Kalyan, Dilshad Vadsaria, Tim DeKay, Ciara Bravo, Vanessa Lengies. Premieres January 13th.

Mercy Street Mercy Street (PBS)

Follows the lives of two volunteer nurses on opposing sides of the Civil War – New England abolitionist Mary Phinney and Confederate supporter Emma Green. Starring Shalita Grant, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, McKinley Belcher III. Premieres January 17th.

Lucifer Lucifer (Fox)

Satan takes up residence in Los Angeles. Starring Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris, D.B. Woodside. Premieres January 25th.

American Crime Story American Crime Story (FX)

An anthology series centered around some of history’s most famous criminals. Starring Selma Blair,  Connie Britton, Sterling K. Brown, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nathan Lane, Sarah Paulson, David Schwimmer,  John Travolta. Premieres Feb 2nd.

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS)

Focuses on a division of the FBI that helps American citizens who find themselves in trouble internationally. Starring Alana De La Garza, Gary Sinise, Daniel Henney, Tyler James Williams, Annie Funke. Premieres March 2nd.

Of Kings and Prophets Of Kings and Prophets (ABC)

A biblical drama centered around a battle-weary king, a powerful and resentful prophet, and a resourceful young shepherd. Starring Rowena King, Ray Winstone, Olly Rix, Mohammad Bakri. Premieres March 8th.

colony Colony (USA)

Set in the near future, Colony centers on a family headed up by Holloway and Callies who must make difficult decisions as they balance staying together with trying to survive. They live in L.A., which has been occupied by a force of outside intruders. While some people have chosen to collaborate with the authorities and benefit from the new order, others have rebelled and suffer the consequences. Starring Josh Holloway, Peter Jacobson, Sarah Wayne Callies. Premieres January 14th.

Outsiders2 Outsiders (WGN)

A struggle for power and control set in the rugged and mysterious hills of Appalachia, “Outsiders” tells the story of the Farrell clan, a family of outsiders who’ve been in these parts since before anyone can remember. Living off the grid and above the law on their mountaintop homestead, they’ll protect their world and defend their way of life using any means necessary. Starring Danielle Brickman, Kyle Gallner, Ed Heavey, Johanna McGinley. Premieres January 26th.

Shadowhunters Shadowhunters (ABCFamily/Freeform)

Follows the adventures of Clary Fray, a girl who discovers she is a shadowhunter. She must seek others like her and descend into an alternate New York called the Downworld. Starring Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende, Isaiah Mustafa. Premieres January 12th.

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