Unlikely Angel (1996) Rated NR

Unlikely AngelA country music performer dies, but to get into heaven, she must do one last good deed: bring a family back together. Starring Dolly Parton, Roddy McDowall, Brian Kerwin, Allison Mack, Eli Marienthal.

The film is reminiscent of The Preacher’s Wife and The Bishop’s Wife. Dolly Parton is her usual, bubbly self in this Christmas fantasy film.  There is some harmless flirting between the angel and the husband. Of course, they don’t get together, which I hope you won’t consider a spoiler.  However, I think this film struggled with maintaining continuity between the characters and the story line.  It doesn’t necessarily detract from the overall quality of the film, but I kept questioning the motives behind the characters’ actions.

I’m not sure if I can recommend this film or not; it’s a toss-up. It is a good, clean Christmas movie, though, and in that sense it’s worth a watch.

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