Blockbuster vs. Indie Films


Blockbuster vs. Independent Films

Every year during the Hollywood awards season, there is constant debate about Blockbuster films vs. Indie films: Which is better? Who should be awarded the top prize for their project? Can the average viewer discern a top quality movie? Is quality based on cost or passion?

As I often say, there are so many aspects to making a film; whether blockbuster or indie, each movie requires a lot of time and resources.  It’s just a matter of what resources they use.  The main difference blockbuster and independent films is financing. Blockbusters are usually created by major production companies with big pocketbooks for creating the most visually stunning motion pictures. Independent films rarely have access to that kind of  budget. What they do have are people with a personal passion for their project which translates into artistic beauty and excellence on screen.

There is a difference between technical innovation (special effects) and creative innovation (storytelling, in-depth character analysis and portrayal).  The latter is what makes Indie films so worthwhile to watch.  They connect with the human spirit in a way that CGI can’t, which is why I think they do so well through the awards season.  Blockbusters need to learn how to incorporate the fine art of storytelling into their productions.  Perhaps then, they would be able to compete for spots in the coveted nomination categories (best director, best actor/actress, best film). It’s never a surprise to me when the biggest money-making films fail to make the list.

I personally prefer Indie films to blockbusters, if you couldn’t tell:)  I’m excited to see who will make the cut this year.  Who are you rooting for?



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