Rich in Faith (Oxygen) Rated NR

Follows the life of celebrity pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. and his wife, DawnChere Wilkerson. Starring Rich Wilkerson Jr., DawnChere Wilkerson.

This show is all about the Wilkersons. There is no mention of Jesus, no reference to the Bible and no prayer on camera. They have the Christian terms down, but the show reveals only a skin-deep faith, not one that reaches into the heart of Christianity.

Wilkerson comes across as a typical televangelist. Don’t preach about sin; focus only on the love. Make everyone feel good about themselves; don’t worry about their souls.

Who is funding this church, by the way?  Wilkerson must have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, because to have all of that by the age of thirty is not realistic for the average pastor.  I was a preacher’s daughter; I lived in the trenches and watched my father build churches from the ground up.  They never started out like that.

Most disappointing is that their ministry is all about them and not the Lord.  Perhaps it didn’t begin this way, but the fame that has followed Wilkerson since he officiated Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding seems to have deluded him.  He’s got the sugar-coated faith down, but there is no real substance.  This show is not worth a watch.



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