Remember the Night (1940) Rated TV-G

Remember the nightLee Leander is caught shoplifting.  Her prosecutor decides not to take her case to trial until after the holidays. In the meantime, he bails her out of jail and takes her home to his family for Christmas. Starring  Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Beulah Bondi.

This was a lovely Christmas story which shows how love can change a person’s life.  Without a loving family of her own, Lee has chosen a life of petty crime.  It is only when she is introduced to and welcomed by her prosecutor’s family that her heart softens enough to fall in love with the prosecutor himself.  The only problem now is what to do with that pesky, impending trial.  I thought this was very well done and quite endearing; I am adding it to my collection to watch every Christmas.  It’s definitely worth a watch.


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