Mao’s Last Dancer (2009) Rated PG

Mao's last dancerA film based on the life of Li Cunxin, a boy who was plucked from his tiny village in communist China to dance. Based on the autobiography of Li Cunxin. Starring Chi Cao, Bruce Greenwood, Penne Hackforth-Jones, Kyle MacLachlan.

Wow, what a powerful story.  Li Cunxin, a Chinese boy, learns to dance and gets the opportunity to come to America.  He made the headlines when he decided to stay here.  I love the story of this boy who is able to experience freedom for the first time.  The film shows his uncertainty with his decision, knowing that it would benefit him but not his family.  I have not read the book, so I don’t know how the Americans reacted to his decision to stay, but I got the impression that not everyone was happy about it.  This film presents his life and choices honestly and beautifully. An Oscar worthy film, it is worth a watch.

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