Kiss Bang Love (FYI) Rated TV-14

kiss-bang-loveContestants vie for love by first kissing people while blindfolded to discover compatibility. Starring Joshua Basili, Rachel Dealto, Ashley Nicole Murray.

Well, this is a novel concept for a show: You kiss someone blindfolded before discovering who they are.  Included in the line-up are both strangers and a person from the past.  Then you meet them face to face and kiss again.  From there, you narrow your selection to the final two, and go on an overnight date.  The next morning, you have to choose who you would like to date after the show.

It’s an interesting premise, but it is flawed at the core.  The whole order and process of dating is skewed and rushed; the chances of these relationships continuing are pretty slim, given the criteria for choosing.  There is so much more to a relationship than physical attraction, and this show only seems to want to focus on the sexual aspect.  In the one episode I watched, the woman chose her ex-boyfriend in the end. I think they both wanted to make it work, but I also got the feeling that he wasn’t as interested as she was, and still they decided to date again. If it didn’t work the first time, I can’t help but wonder what would make it last this time. This show is a pass.



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