My Two Dads (1987) Rated TV-G

my-two-dadsWhen Marcy dies, she leaves her teenage daughter in the care of the two men who could be the father. Starring Paul Reiser, Staci Keanan, Florence Stanley, Greg Evigan.

Of course the premise to this show was a little farfetched, but it was succeeded in its honest approach to an unusual arrangement of two heterosexual men raising a teenage daughter. I miss shows like this, the ones that deal with family issues and reach resolution at the end of 30 minutes.  This show covered most of the issues families face, and unlike many of the “family” shows today, it really focused on the family and putting family first.  I also appreciated that there weren’t any jokes about two men living together.  It wasn’t so much about the two men raising a daughter as it was about a family who grows together and learns from each other.  It has wonderful balance and perspective.  This is a show worth watching.



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