Me Before You (2016) Rated PG-13

me-before-youA girl in small town gets a job to care for a recently paralyzed man. Based on the book with the same name by Jojo Moyes. Starring Sam Claflin, Vanessa Kirby, Emilia Clarke, Brendan Coyle.

This is film starts out as a lovely romantic film. You watch as Will Traynor, the paraplegic, shows Lou Clark, the girl who cares for him, how to enjoy life. At first, I enjoyed this film because it showed how not to take life so seriously. However, that ends abruptly when we find out that Will has made the decision to end his life because, due to his condition, it isn’t worth living. This is where I struggled with the film.  It’s a flip-flop that the audience didn’t see coming. It just didn’t make sense that  someone who loved life to the fullest would want to end it. I couldn’t agree with the ending message of the film that life doesn’t mean anything if you can’t live it the way you want. This film is not worth a watch.





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