The Book of John Gray (OWN) Rated TV-14

The Book of John Gray is a dramedy that follows John Gray and his humorous take on helping people. John Gray is an associate pastor under Pastor Joel Osteen. Starring John Gray.

I’m not sure what to think of this show.  This pastor uses unconventional means to help people who are struggling in their lives and relationships. Although he does express some truth in his approach, overall I found it to be too sugar coated. He does not reference the Bible or anything related to God; why is he white-washing the gospel instead of telling it like it is? He’s a pastor, after all! I guess it’s not his intention to convert people, just to help them, but without adding Jesus into the mix, I don’t know how helpful he can be.  The show is entertaining, but I’d rather watch a reality show that honestly deals with the life of a pastor.  This show is a pass.


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