Becoming John Ford (2007) Rated NR

A documentary focusing on John Ford’s time with Fox Studios and his relationship with Darryl F. Zanuck. Starring Rudy Behlmer, Janet Bergstrom, James D’Arc, Peter Fonda.

This is an excellent documentary on the films and life of John Ford while he was with Fox. They don’t cover all his films-some of his early ones are missed- but they do talk about the ones that made him famous and that influence film-making to this day. The documentary gives us a glimpse into the man Ford was and how his personality was integrated into his films. The film also includes his tenuous relationship with Zanuck, the president of 20th Century Fox. Ford was a strong-willed man with a definite mindset which is evident in his films. It made him difficult to work with at times but produced excellent movies. This documentary talks all about it and is worth the watch.

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