A Way Back Home (2013) Rated UR

A Hallmark movie based on Norman Rockwell’s painting of Charlie Shuffleton’s barbershop. A famous country singer returns home broken and hurting, in hopes of receiving guidance from a childhood mentor, only to find he has passed away. As memories assault him, he locates his father to make things right. Starring  Austin Stowell, Kayla Ewell, Brett Rice, Danny Glover.

This is a quintessential Hallmark film. It is a theme that has been played out time and time again: someone leaves home because of a past hurt, only to find that life has passed him by and things perhaps weren’t what they once seemed, leading him to return home and make things right again. Although there is nothing original about this film, it is still enjoyable to watch. The story is solid, as are the actors. This film is worth a watch.


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