Admissions (2004) Rated PG

The Brighton family has its share of secrets which are about to be uncovered. Emily Brighton is intellectually disabled due to a fall when she was young, and her mother blames herself. Evie is Emily’s sister, who loves to read to her, while their father loves tinkering with his model trains. When Emily learns some poetry, the truth comes out. Starring Lauren Ambrose, Amy Madigan, Christopher Lloyd.

Admissions takes you into a family trying to find its way while dealing with a variety of issues. Evie would do anything for her sister, including lying about her life. As you get deeper into their life, the lies begin to unravel, making the film confusing and slow at times. However, the twist at the end turns everything you thought you had figured out on its head. Ambrose and Madigan are exceptional in their roles. I did enjoy the film, but it was too convoluted to recommend. It is a pass.

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