Downward Dog (ABC) Rated TV-PG

 A dog tries to understand human relationships. Starring Allison Tolman, Samm Hodges, Lucas Neff, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Ned the Dog.

I’m not surprised this show was canceled. If you want to see a good show about a dog that tries to understand humans, Wilfred does it so much better. This is like a PG version of Wilfred, only it fails to capture the unique and special essence of dogs. They simply don’t get dogs at all. This show uses a real dog with a voice-over to help you understand what the dog is thinking, but what they don’t understand is what makes a dog a dog. The dog doesn’t understand anything that is going on around him. There were things that the dog says it hates, but those that own dogs know that they have it all wrong. Also, this show revolves around sex. Unfunny and inaccurate, this show is a pass.

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