Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates (BBC) Rated TV-PG

 David Attenborough reveals the journey of a group of animals as they evolve and how they define us. Starring  David Attenborough.

This series tells the story of the evolution of animals as they emerged from the water. The whole series revolves around evolution, with no mention of their initial creation. I wish they would acknowledge how wonderfully and intricately these animals were created, making them unique from every other creature. Of course that isn’t what David Attenborough is all about, though. He wants to point out how these creatures evolved over millions of years, when the earth isn’t even a million years old yet. This show isn’t worth a watch.


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2 Responses to Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates (BBC) Rated TV-PG

  1. Jayson Argall says:

    Um…the earth isn’t a million years old yet?!! Time to put down that fairytale piece of fiction called the bible and watch some more of Attenborough’s work. Or any science, really. You know, actual, fact based reality. But obviously you don’t know.

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