Krypton (SYFY) Rated TV-14

Superman’s grandfather fights for justice on Krypton. Starring Shaun Sipos, Elliot Cowan, and Ann Ogbomo.

This TV series takes us back through the history of Krypton, where we get to see Superman’s grandfather become a man who honors the household of El. SyFy did a fabulous job taking this background story and bringing it to life. They work with what we know from the comics and movies, but they also add in their own bit of the story. We’ll get to see more of Superman’s history, but I think we’ll also even get to see some of the current time on Earth. The producers can write and take this show in any number of directions. Adding the performances of Cameron Cuffe and Shaun Sipos makes the show what it is. Although, I do hear a bit of a British accent there. This show is worth a watch.

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