The Last O.G. (TBS) Rated TV-MA

An ex-con is released from prison after 15 years to find how much the world has changed. Starring Tracy Morgan, Tiffany Haddish, and Allen Maldonado.

This show isn’t that funny; we see a man serving prison time because he wouldn’t snitch. After 15 years in prison, he comes home to find his life different from what he remembers. Tracy Morgan is back, but the show just doesn’t have much to joke about. I actually enjoyed watching his ex and her family more than hearing Morgan’s jokes and angst about all the changes. If the show was just about the ex-girlfriend, her new husband, and the kids with Morgan just popping up, I think it would be more intriguing. The show basically just makes jokes about the past. For those that love Tracy Morgan, you’ll love the show; other than that, I say the show isn’t worth a watch.

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